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COLOR TABS - Plumbing Worlds℠

Color Tabs organized by Plumbing Worlds℠ not only make your books look better, they make it easier for your plumbers locate the right repairs in the book - fast and easy! Each room the plumber works in is designated as a "World" and the books are organized as such. If the plumber is in the kitchen, ALL faucet, valve, disposer, ice maker, drain clearing is all found quickly and easily in one small section under the "KITCHEN" color coded tab. Same with baths, bar sinks, pumps, wastewater, etc.

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Pool equipment "Cut-Aways" are now offered to help your technicians explain the repairs needed and performed to your customers.

A common complaint heard from service customers is "we don't know what he did for all that money". With "cut-away" inserts into each section of the manual, your technician can show a customer what was done, where it was done, and explain better why it was needed.

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Unique to the flat rate manual products available, Callahan Roach has built repairs to be combined with other repairs that are connected. Many times the technician has to disassemble or touch items in order to repair or replace the malfunctioning item. If you charged the customer for both of these items at the retail rate, you would be double charging labor and risk being perceived as being too high priced. Plumber's Advantage has an optional column which charges the customer for the repair LESS most of the labor. For example, a disposer would always require the plumber to disassemble some of the tubular piping in order to replace. You can generate a larger service ticket by selling the customer the additional work at this time. This column choice is optional and should be discussed with your Service Operations Consultant.

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Watermarks add a unique twist in bringing your company name or logo to the customer's eye on every page, not just on the front of your flat rate book, or the top of the page in the title.

Watermarks can be made in grey scale, single color or full color with logos, company names, or other verbiage. The watermark feature makes your company stand out because the stamp of your logo validates your company as a bona fide and professional organization. Pricing is deemed to be genuine, fair and thought out, not like the unprofessional plumber who just offers spontaneous, off the cuff pricing without book validation.

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Blueline is another enhancement to the value of your books. We highlight the service agreement price column to guide your customer's eyes directly to your best price. This custom eye catching color will help promote conversations about your service agreements without depending upon your technician to bring it up.

Your customer sees your best price and will likely ask how they can get it. After all, your only TRUE CUSTOMER IS A SERVICE AGREEMENT CUSTOMER!

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Many technicians like the feature of Grey Scale Banding to assist them when they are looking up repairs in the Technician's Manual. Alternating lines of gray scale offer separation of the repair codes, repair description and the column pricing. Grey Scale Banding is also useful when offering the customer to see your prices when shown the pricing manual. This helps validate your prices and can bring the customer to see your discounted Service Agreement pricing and help sell more agreement.

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Extreme Flexibility is the backbone of the CAP™ flat rate system and this custom designed page is an example of the integration of color, warranty columns, agreement savings, and other special calculated fields beyond just 6 columns of pricing in a row.

Color reports is an option that lends sizzle when using the book in front of a customer by allowing you to draw their eyes to certain fields sub consciously.

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Custom Column Design layout with header rows and more space between repair pricing. In each report style there can be total customization over the names of the rows and the appearance of the report.

Choose from having only 1 column all the way up to 6 columns and where they appear on the report The tiles and calculations behind the columns are all user definable lending to the extreme flexibility of the CAP™ flat rate pricing guide.

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