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Plumbing Flat Rate Pricing Guide For Plumbing

There are many ways to maximize your contracting profits, and a plumbing flat rate pricing guide is something you can start today. It's not uncommon for contractors to question whether or not they should adopt a flat rate pricing system in the first place. You are probably charging for the time and labor completed and providing your clients with quotes. This may seem to be the standard, comfortable way of doing things, but our team at Callahan Roach has perfected the art of using flat rate pricing.

Since 1990, our company has been working with contractors on a personal level to help them maximize their bottom line and make a name for themselves in a competitive market. We utilize a flat rate pricing guide for plumbing that includes thousands of plumbing repairs. We were able to build such a comprehensive database because it was designed by plumbers. Everyone from our company has worked with or managed contractors at one point in time, so we understand the nature of the contracting business.

Our standard CAP ā€“ Customer Assurance Pricing - system was redesigned for the plumbing industry and includes color coded tabbed systems, repairs broken down according to each room and thorough layouts to reference. You'll find that all of our databases and manuals are complete from front to back, as it's plumbers who wrote the books. With firsthand knowledge in the plumbing industry, we were able to formulate a flat rate pricing for plumbing database that streamline your repair tasks.

Even if you're comfortable with charging for labor and materials, adopting a flat rate system will help you improve efficiency, maximize revenue and boost customer satisfaction. Clients are pleased to receive an upfront cost of the repair instead of a quote that could be much higher at the time of completion. Plus, our plumbing flat rate pricing guide was built around quality service, so you can build your contracting business around high-end work and materials, ensuring growth and profitability. Contact Callahan Roach today to learn more about our innovative flat rate pricing guides for the plumbing industry.

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"We developed our own flat rate system and felt we were doing pretty well. We took a leap of faith, invested in the CAP™ system and what a breath of fresh air! We finished last year with the highest profits ever in our 50 year history."
– Jack Manlilla, CEO
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