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The Benefits of Flat Rate Pricing

"Why should I change from time and material to flat rate?" is an often asked question. Many HVAC contractors feel their system of charging for the work they perform is working well and they don't want to make changes that require a cultural shift in company thinking.

There are three important reasons to change from time and material to flat rate pricing:

  1. Improved Profitability
  2. Improved Customer Satisfaction
  3. Technicians prefer flat rate pricing

The Callahan-Roach Solution

Since 1990, Callahan Roach has set the pace for innovative solutions in HVAC flat rate pricing. We understand HVAC because all of our HVAC industry specialists have experience as HVAC contractors. We have years of experience doing what you do on a daily basis. We not only provide the most innovative and robust flat rate manuals, but offer coaching and counseling for using our business improvement tools to make your HVAC business more profitable.

Our flat rate solutions are based on our CAP™ repair database, which contains thousands of HVAC repairs for virtually every HVAC equipment manufacturer. We offer the most complete repair database and continually maintain it to make sure you have the latest pricing information.

 more information: Flat Rate Pricing - In Depth Analysis

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"Saving money was the tip of the iceberg. What we gained in incremental service revenues and higher customer and employee satisfaction made this a slam dunk!"
Pete Arvan, HVAC Manager at Suburban Propane
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