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Customer Assurance Pricing™ (CAP™)

What is Customer Assurance Pricing™?

Customer Assurance Pricing™, or CAP™ enables a contractor/technician to give an up front total price to the customer for the repairs needed after a thorough system evaluation. Most customers prefer CAP™ over a price quote which varies depending on the factors used. We are the pioneers of the flat rate pricing industry with our cornerstone product — CAP™. Since its inception thousands and thousands of contractors across the United States uses our service. CAP™ has given the freedom to contractors to concentrate on what they are best at.

Benefits of CAP™
Increases Profitability

The CAP™ repair database saves the time and expense of maintaining a client's own repair database, allowing the client to concentrate on their core business - serving the customer.

Most importantly, CAP™ can determine the cost of doing quality service - including improvements to equipment, trucks and employee training - then establishes a labor rate that will ensure profits and growth for the company.

Just a small labor adjustment can have a major impact on a company's profit margins. Use this table to see what small changes to your labor rate will mean in your service department revenue.

Profit Increase on the Bottom Line
Labor Rate Increase (hour) $5 $8 $10
1 $6,240 $9,984 $12,480
2 $12,480 $19,968 $24,960
3 $18,720 $29,952 $37,440
4 $24,960 $39,936 $49,920
5 $31,200 $49,920 $62,400

Assured pricing and professional standards add up to high value for customers, and industry reports show that satisfied customers are willing to pay top dollar for quality. Managers and accountants are also able to utilize the reports and the accounting software integration components as valuable tools for planning, scheduling and forecasting.

Increase Efficiency

Self sufficient techs - By empowering your technicians with CAP™ manuals, you are giving them more time to perform work rather than them being on the phone for several minutes or even hours to inquire about the parts cost. With CAP™, a technician can provide the total cost of the diagnosed job within a minute or two. By this way, the customers confidence will increase because they feels like they are dealing with confident company

Time to cover more services - Once the technicians are self sufficient, they can cover more services per day, hence increase the overall revenue and profit. This can only be achieved through CAP™.

Concentrate on other business needs - Our CAP™ has over 50,000 repairs—which no individual contractors can develop without spending huge amount of time, labor, and materials. Our research team is constantly monitoring the market and updating the CAP™ database.

Increases Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction - The CAP™ program and customer satisfaction goes hand in hand. It enforces customer service. CAP™ makes the technicians to go extra distance and meet customer needs. We train you to do so. Customers remember being treated well.

Customer Loyalty - The key to a successful business is a steady customer base. By utilizing our program we guarantee that you will see an increase in repeat customers. The contractors who used the CAP™, has seen the results.

Lower Overall Cost

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