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HVAC Flat Rate Pricing Pool & Spa Flat Rate Pricing Plumbing Flat Rate Pricing Pool & Spa Flat Rate Pricing Plumbing Flat Rate Pricing HVAC Flat Rate Pricing Plumbing Flat Rate Pricing Pool & Spa Flat Rate Pricing HVAC Flat Rate Pricing
HVAC Flat Rate Pricing Pool & Spa Flat Rate Pricing Plumbing Flat Rate Pricing
Benifits of Flat Rate Pricing
Save thousands

Save thousands. Time means money, the Customer Assurance Pricing™ or CAP™ database actually prices all services, saving time for the company.

Be more efficient

Be more efficient. With flat rate pricing, you'll see more repairs done per job ticket.

Increase profits

Increase profits. Just a small labor adjustment can have a major impact on a company's profit margins.

Motivate Technicians

Customer Satisfaction Studies have shown that customers would rather buy a service that has a flat rate rather than have service performed on a time and material basis.

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Callahan Roach Flat Rate Pricing Plumbing HVAC Pool Contractors

Callahan Roach Legacy

Callahan Roach was formed by a successful HVAC contractor with the express goal of assisting other in home service contractors to become more profitable by providing outstanding customer service, quality products and unmatched customer satisfaction. We achieve this using flat rate pricing tools, training and consulting with our industry experts. We have positively changed the business lives of the thousands of customers who have purchased from us over the past two decades.

Our Goals for our Clients

We know that we are not successful until you are. We also know that there are time demands placed upon service contractors which take you away from strategically working on your business. Our goal for you is to take the time and bother from you and provide services and tools to plug in and make your lives easier and to make your business more profitable. We do the work and you get the benefits.

Callahan Roach Firsts and Innovations

Callahan Roach was the first company in the HVAC industry to provide a national scoped flat rate pricing system called "Customer Assurance Pricing". Twenty four years and thousands of installed systems later, we continue to research the industry and provide the largest and most comprehensive database of installed service tasks. Callahan Roach also provided the first industry Quality initiative for HVAC contractors. Callahan Roach continues to introduce innovative profitable tools by introducing "Call Smart", a mobile application to help the contractor more effectively manage the service call process and the technician work force.

Our Customer's Payoff

Most small business company owners do not have extensive support staffs to build and support their service departments. Using Callahan Roach Business Solutions will allow you to the time and resources to build a more profitable company. As you project your image to your customer as a more professional service company with nicer vehicles, better outfitted service personnel, better trained field staff and with the tools to convey a modern and streamlined operation, your customers will be more inclined to continue to use your services, tell their friends and neighbors, not pick apart your pricing, and allow you to be more successful. Plus, it's more fun to operate a smooth running and profitable service company. Thousands of satisfied Callahan Roach Business Solutions will agree.

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